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Goals of Mentoring

The goal of New to Neuro mentoring is to help you gain the skills you need to feel confident and capable treating the neuro patients on your caseload. Mentoring works really well when we talk through your current patients. This means you can immediately apply the skills you're learning. 

Some common mentoring goals include learning how to:​

  • safely move a hemiparetic arm,

  • decrease shoulder pain and subluxation, 

  • improve functional arm movement (one of my faves!)

  • pick a splint or sling and use e-stim functionally,

  • apply cog rehab strategies,

  • have difficult discussions like when therapy is not helping a patient make progress,

  • help patients and find your boundaries when they are impulsive, hyperverbose (talks a lot!), or sexually inappropriate, 

  • tell the difference between left neglect and a visual field cut (and interventions for both), 

  • document micro-goals to show progress, 

  • remember to take care of yourself along the way, 

  • ...and so much more.

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*Another common goal of mentoring is to help new therapists find their path. 

Graduation and passing your boards is SUCH an exciting time - (CONGRATS!!!)...and loved ones might not realize how daunting the next steps in your OT journey are and how overwhelming their advice can be. I love helping OTs find their own voice when they're starting their career.

That's why we have the OT Career-Starter Package, some common mentoring goals are: 

  • building your resume to showcase your real OT experiences,

  • steps to obtaining your state license, 

  • figuring out what OT jobs fit you well (and which don't)

  • hunting and applying for jobs

  • preparing for interviews (often includes a mock interview if helpful)

  • negotiating your first OT position - remember you're also interviewing them


I believe you have the answers as to what path is good for you, sometimes we just need an empathetic person to help us hear ourselves clearly. Good mentoring can help untangle the thoughts and the steps to get there.

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