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I care deeply about practical education.

I've heard too many clinicians say, 

"I feel like I know a lot about OT,
but not a lot about how to DO OT."

And I remember feeling that way, too. It was daunt-ing. Until I took a job with amazing mentors. They changed what I knew about OT and how I believed in myself.

I know every clinician doesn't have access to mentors. This is why New to Neuro was born...

Hi, I'm Jessica...

I'm enlivened by listening to what people know they need for more joy and meaning in their lives...

...and helping them gain the skills and courage to move in that direction


I am an OT and Certified Brain Injury Specialist...a kinesthetic being, a mom, a mentor, and an educator.


After 19 years in a traditional healthcare model, I decided to do OT in a New way.  

I founded Pathways Neuro Rehabilitation and Education, LLC. It's one part mobile outpatient clinic - where I treat folks in their homes and communities.

And another part helping therapists build their clinical skills while learning to nurture and sustain their own health along the way... 

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“Jessica Miller was our guest on the No Plateau podcast. Her approach to helping Occupational Therapists sift through research and advances in their field to continue learning is so practical, but unusual. She has a unique way of applying this research in ways patients can instantly see benefits. She's insanely curious
and passionate about it - the world needs more Jessica's.”

 Pete Durand, CEO of Saebo, Inc

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