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Calling all OTPs feeling overwhelmed treating neuro patients...

You can confidently treat neuro patients and facilitate life-changing outcomes 

Gain hands-on neuro skills, confidence, and a network of supportive, neuro-focused OTs during the New to Neuro 6-week program.


Live, online courses, group mentorship, and community: 


New to Neuro's

Assessing and Progressing the Hemiparetic UE 


You’re a passionate, evidence-based clinician — 

striving to help your clients regain function and get back to truly living.  


And yet, even with a Doctorate degree, you feel a bit unprepared for the complexity of your caseload. Neuro has so many nuances, and you’re expected to be competent, independent, and hit productivity standards consistently — even if you’re new!  


Your patients are depending on you. So you dig into the research again and again… but the more you dig — the more questions you have about how to apply the information.  With a sigh, you close your eyes (and your laptop) feeling a familiar wave of information overload pass over you.  

Look — the problem isn’t you.  


OT school prepares you to be a generalist, not a neuro rehab specialist.  


And if we’re honest, OT school barely prepared you to start in such a specialized area. It certainly didn’t equip you for complex neuro cases and rapid discharges of today’s healthcare landscape.


You see, it’s totally normal to feel swamped when entering the neuro space as a new clinician. Especially, when you’re trying your hardest to be evidence-based, practical, and impactful.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? 

  • You know a lot about OT… but putting your knowledge into action is harder than you envisioned. 


  • When a complex neuro patient pops up on your schedule, anxiety creeps in, making you wonder if you’re truly the best therapist for them. 


  • You can modify and adapt like a champ… but restoring function still feels a bit tricky


  • Guilt strikes when you close your computer to enjoy your off time, because you’re still not sure you’ve found the answers for tomorrow’s patients.

And after the most challenging treatment sessions, you question if you’re cut out for neuro, or if you should pursue a different area altogether… 

The thing is… I know you want to provide your patients with the most impactful treatment strategies, address all their areas of deficits, and help them regain their independence. 


But that’s a heck-of-a-lot easier said than done when you’re new to neuro.

Young sad female caucasian UK US GP EMS doctor carer looking through ICU window,fear uncer

What if I told you, you can access up-to-date information plus compassionate support and guidancewhile increasing your skill set in this complex specialty area? 

Just imagine how supported you’ll feel in an uplifting space where you can…

  • Share details and challenges you have with your current caseload with an experienced neuro OT

  • Talk through one or two additional strategies you can try for your specific patients (without falling down a research rabbit-hole)


  • Apply the new strategies in your next treatment session with confidence


  • Review what worked and what to adjust for the next session for better outcomes

This approach gives you room to process and internalize knowledge rather than having a million fragmented thoughts rattling around in your head.

This process is the proprietary STAR Mentoring method. And it’s exactly how we support new OTs (like you) entering the neuro space. 

You don’t have to flounder, stress, and wonder if your treatments are actually making an impact or if there’s something you’re missing. There is hope.


Hey! I’m Jessica — 

Mom of a tween and an Italian greyhound. I love improv dance, winter solstice, and throwing clay for hours. I’m also the owner of Pathways Neuro Rehab and an OT mentor. (More on that later.) 


I remember the feeling of being new to neuro. I felt unsure, overwhelmed, and like I was constantly missing the one thing that would allow my patients to progress faster. My OT journey was transformed when I took a job where I had a mentor. I was thankful to no longer feel alone, frustrated, scattered and utterly imposter-ish. (Probably not a word, but you understand, right?) 


In the 15+ years since, I’ve continued to grow as a neuro OT — teaching and mentoring OT students and newer OTs in this specialized area. I discovered a pattern in my process. 

My teaching process became the New to Neuro STAR mentorship method. This method helps OTs become competent clinicians who can treat a wide variety of neuro patients. 


Then I started thinking… 


What if any OT could have guidance in neuro rehab — even if they didn’t have a local mentor? 


It was then I knew I needed to take action. I needed to make neuro rehab education, guidance, and mentorship available to more OTs around the country (or the world!) And that is exactly how my STAR mentorship method was born. 

So if you’d love to stop spending long nights and weekends scouring the internet for answers, I’d love to share this tried-and-true method with you.


It’s the exact method I’ve used to help OTs and OT students gain the right skills, confidence, and support in neuro rehab.

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The New to Neuro Program:

Assessing & Progressing the Hemiparetic UE

A Live, 6-Week Online Course + Mentorship

Including the proprietary STAR mentorship method

The New to Neuro program includes a live, online course with the unique opportunity to apply the content, review your caseload, and receive feedback about your specific patients during weekly group calls. You’ll also have access to a group forum to keep the conversation going between these calls.


The course content for this cohort is “Assessing and Progressing the Hemiparetic UE” (and yes, in the future we will cover more topic areas). 


The New to Neuro Program is perfect for OTs looking to gain confidence and provide better treatment for improved patient outcomes.

Jessica goes above and beyond to bring specific content catered to her students needs.

Clinician from Cohort 1

What's inside the New to Neuro Program?

This isn’t your typical online course. You’re never left to figure out how to apply the information to your caseload on your own. Instead, this is a live, interactive experience — providing you support with your current caseload and building a foundation for continued success.

The New to Neuro Program Breakdown:

Female smiling colleagues celebrate business win, goal achievement at workplace, giving fi

1:1 Mentorship Session - working together to build your skills

Physical Therapy

6 Live Weekly Group Zoom Calls — The perfect blend of an online course, real-world application, and problem-solving

All Hands In

Group Think Tank — A group forum for support between calls

On this 45-minute call, we will...


  • Dive into your unique caseload and specific patient challenges.

  • Talk about how to set goals and plan interventions for your patients in your setting. 


  • Find out where you get stuck (flaccid arms? painful shoulders? spasticity?!...) and talk through treatment techniques to build your skills.

Each week includes…


  • Live Learning Lesson — On these live, group calls, you’ll learn about a neuro-specific intervention, skill, or assessment tool in a digestible, applicable way. (Like a live, online course… but better.)


  • Caseload Check-in —  Review your caseload and receive guidance on how to apply the lesson to your patients’ specific needs. (Plus learn from everyone else’s experiences!)


  • Clinician check-in — Healthcare is demanding. We're here to listen and support you beyond the clinic walls.

For when you have questions mid-week...


  • Continued clinical discussion and problem-solving as a group between our live calls. 


  • Gaining ideas, sharing resources, and expanding your network of neuro rehab OTs who are on a similar journey as you are. 


  • Joining discussions and asking questions. This is a great tool for learning from others' experiences since it’s likely you’ll face the same challenge with one of your patients in the future.

The New to Neuro program has been curated based on years of experience teaching OTs and OT students. I’ve developed a proprietary method for teaching that supports OTs entering the neuro rehab space to ensure you move beyond theories and concepts and confidently apply your knowledge to each unique patient.

Thinking woman in glasses looking up with light idea bulb above head isolated on gray wall

After this program, you’ll…


  • Efficiently assess and treatment plan for your neuro patients — without spending hours scouring the internet for answers. 


  • Apply appropriate research and theories while keeping the focus on the actual human in front of you.


  • Answer the tough questions your patients and their families ask. 


  • Close your laptop and dive back into your own life, knowing you’ll be able to handle tomorrow’s challenges when they come.

unique way of applying research so patients benefit… 


“Jessica Miller was our guest on the No Plateau podcast. Her approach to helping Occupational Therapists sift through research and advances in their field to continue learning is so practical, but unusual. She has a unique way of applying this research in ways patients can instantly see benefits. She's insanely curious and passionate about it - the world needs more Jessica's.” 

— Pete Durand, CEO of Saebo, Inc.

Image by Hikarinoshita Hikari

The STAR Mentoring Method — The Unique New to Neuro Way


The STAR Mentoring Method ensures you gain mastery and growth as a clinician. 


S — SHARE a patient problem or challenge

T — TALK through a new skill or strategy for that specific problem

A — APPLY it in your next treatment session

R — REVIEW successes and challenges during the next live call 


As we repeat this process, you’ll gain knowledge, skills, and confidence in each treatment area. You’ll also have the tools to use the interventions, skills, or assessments you learn with future patients with similar challenges. 


This mentorship program is all about YOU and YOUR needs, so don’t be surprised if resources and additional support come your way during our 6-weeks together.

New to Neuro Mentorship is right for you if you’re…

This New to Neuro Program is not right  for you if...

  • Passionate about neuro rehab, but feeling a tad overwhelmed. 


  • A new(ish) OT clinician, OR you see the occasional neuro patient and you want to give them the best interventions possible. 

  • Frequently digging into exhausting research, but still feel lost about how to apply it all (if this is hard to admit, it’s ok — it’s more common than you think!) 


  • Willing to learn and try new things with your neuro patients while being supported in the program.

Spending far too much time pulling treatment ideas off the internet while still being unsure if they’re the right ones.

 X     You have 5+ years of experience in neuro rehab and feel confident with your interventions.


 X     Don’t have any neuro patients and won’t have these admissions at your facility. 


 X     Aren’t interested in neuro rehab.


 X     Haven’t graduated OT school or finished your clinicals yet.

Pinky promise hands gesture symbol.jpg

The New to Neuro Promise… 

We know investing in your professional development is a big decision, and there are a lot of online courses to consider. 


So here’s our promise to you — 


  • To pour our years of neuro experience into this program — holding nothing back. 


  • To openly and genuinely listen and provide the support and guidance you need to grow into a confident and capable neuro rehab clinician. 


  • To seek answers and solutions for your challenges throughout the mentorship process. 


I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of education and mentorship. If you show up to the calls, ask questions, and engage – you will find continued momentum within this program. 


However, if you’ve put in the work and still find that this program isn’t working for you by week 2, we will cancel your enrollment and reimburse you fully. We simply request an email sharing how the program could have served you better, so we can continue learning. 

Online courses and mentorships are (of course) what you make of them, so connect early and often for an incredible experience and accelerated clinical growth. This is a small tight-knit community of committed, driven, passionate OTs and we can’t wait to see you inside!

More About Your New to Neuro Mentor:

Jessica here!

I’m a life-long learner and advocate for work/life balance. I believe you should always create space to fill up your own cup so you can continue to pour into others. I know OT is not an easy job.  


I remember being in your shoes as a relatively new OT — passionate yet unsure if what I was doing was the best thing for my patients. I spent all my free time digging for more information and reassurance, wishing there was a way to really know I wasn’t missing anything. As I said before, mentorship was the catalyst that transformed my practice.  


Education is great… but mentorship changed what I knew about therapy and how I believed in myself. 


It gave me the freedom to practice OT with confidence and accept challenging cases — without sacrificing my family time or my sanity! Over time, I realized I was teaching and mentoring other OTs, taking students, and feeling solid about the interventions I was providing each day. 


I’ve been an OT for 19+ years and am a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. I’ve started my own business — Pathways Neuro Rehabilitation & Education LLC — so I can focus solely on patients affected by neuro diagnoses. While, also supporting other OTs as they grow into neuro-rehab clinicians.  


The passions that motivated me to create this online course + mentorship program are: 


  1. Helping neuro patients regain function and meaning in their lives


  1. Helping OTs gain confidence and skills so they can support neuro patients with expert-level care. 

You know neuro patients have LOADS of potential for recovery --let's help them achieve it!

Bio Pic 1.jpg

Answers to your FAQ's

What if I can't join the live calls?

We know time zones and work schedules can make it tricky to attend live learning calls. 


But never fear! All calls will be recorded and shared within the group. This way you can catch up on the live learning you missed at a time that’s more convenient for you. Plus, if you have a specific question, you can submit it before the call and we’ll address it to help you gain clarity.

Is this for me if I'm a new graduate?

Yes — you can join the New to Neuro program as a new grad, as a clinician with a few years of experience, or a clinician who occasionally sees neuro patients and wants to be better prepared for the next one. The important part is that you WANT to move from “knowing about” neuro, to feeling comfortable taking neuro referrals. 


This course + mentorship program + community bridges the gap between textbook knowledge and real-life practice.

Will I get help problem solving the neuro patients on my current caseload? 

Yes — our signature STAR mentoring method includes the use of actual patient scenarios from your caseload. Each neuro patient is unique and has different factors to consider, which is why you’ve probably struggled to apply the research and textbook information to individual cases. (You’re not alone in this struggle.) 


Understanding the foundation of neuro rehab and learning to apply it flexibly to each case will set you up for future success as well as benefit your current patients. 


You’ll also get to hear about other OTs patients (in a HIPPA compliant way, of course), so when a similar situation comes your way you feel like you already have some experience with it.

Can I get CEU credits? 

Pathways Neuro Rehabilitation & Education, LLC is an Approved Continuing Education Provider by the Indiana OT Association. So if you’re licensed in Indiana, the answer is yes. And NBCOT recognizes all state-approved programs — so you're covered there, too.


If you are licensed in a different state or country, please check with your local board. *CEUs are approved for live participation only at this time.

What makes this program different from a continuing education course?

This IS more than just a continuing education course. The New to Neuro Program includes a live, online course, mentorship, and community.


You get continuing education during the live learning lessons (although see the above question regarding CEU approval). I present information about a specific topic or cover new research… then the fun part starts as we work to apply this information to the real people you’re working with each day. 


We use the proprietary STAR Mentoring method to help you learn, apply, and then expand your neuro rehab skills over the six-week program. This is not a passive process where you only listen to a lecture and take notes. You’ll be applying your neuro rehab skills to your current patients, and then we’ll discuss the outcomes so you can adjust your treatment plan as you go. 


Curious about the STAR Mentoring Method? See the next FAQ. ;)

What makes this program different from a continuing education course?

This is our unique method for growing your skills, confidence, and impact in neuro rehab. 


Here’s the framework: 


S — SHARE a patient problem

T — TALK through a skill or strategy for that patient

A — APPLY this in your next treatment session 

R — REVIEW successes and challenges in the next live session. 


Reviewing your specific client’s response and challenges is the key to ongoing success in rehabilitation, especially neuro rehab. Without reviewing and assessing, clinicians often feel like they’re just “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks” — which never feels good. 

With this method, you feel more confident in your treatment planning and document your client’s progress easier. Justifying rehabilitation to help them reach their highest functional level and improve their overall quality of life.

I'm a generalist, but I want to learn more about neuro this program right for me?

The New to Neuro Program is for any clinician who is “new to neuro” or wants to increase their skills with neuro patients. You don’t have to work in a neuro rehab unit to benefit from this mentorship program… but it would be helpful to have a few neuro patients on your caseload so you can bring specific questions and try out new techniques in real-time. 


If you work in acute care and occasionally get neuro patients, this program will prepare you to provide the best care possible to the patients that pass through. (And since this is a 6-week program, chances are you’ll get a neuro patient during the program duration, right?)


If you’re not sure, email, and I’ll help you figure out if this is the right program for you.

I feel swamped and stretched much time will this mentorship program take?

I hear you, and you’re in the exact spot that many of my mentees start in. 


The thought of adding one more meeting or “assignment” to your day makes your brain want to melt. 


Improving your knowledge, skills, confidence, and ability to problem solve across a diverse patient caseload will save you time in the long run. 


You can overcome the overwhelm and find balance in your life again. 


The basic time commitment for the mentorship program is 75 minutes each week for the weekly group calls. 


Implementing the new strategies will happen during your regularly scheduled treatment sessions, and reflecting and reviewing occurs during your documentation time. 


You’ll probably spend a few extra minutes each week in the Group Think Tank, but that’s totally up to you. 

The goal here is to give you the support you need and help you work more efficiently — saving you time in the long run.

What is this program and what does it include?

A 1:1 Mentorship Kick-off call — we get to know each other, dig into your specific situation, and set you on a path for success. 


Weekly group calls that incorporate the STAR Mentorship Method — your specific questions and caseload are front and center in this program. 


Each weekly call includes: 


  • Live Learning Lesson (the live, online course component) 

  • Caseload Check-In (applying the information to your specific situation)

  • Clinician Check-In (giving you tools to maintain your sanity and avoid burnout) 


The Group Think Tank — a discussion forum for group members to use between coaching calls for added support, brainstorming, collaboration and camaraderie. 

What Topics Are Covered in the Live Learning Lessons?

During this program session, we will cover all things related to Assessing and Progressing the Hemiparetic UE. 


Here’s a list of topics we’ll cover: 


  • Progressing thru various levels of flaccidity, spasticity, and gaining functional movement and strength

  • Tools for managing spasticity

  • Scapular mobilizations

  • Task-specific training

  • Modifying Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy

  • Using the Motor Activity Log for the UE

  • Strategies for managing shoulder pain

  • Laterality + Mental Imagery + Mirror Therapy

  • Sensory re-education

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

  • Weight Bearing as a modality for getting muscles fired up

  • Plus anything else that comes up with your patients along the way!

Why Join the New to Neuro Mentorship Now?

Each session of this program will have a different focus area since it would be impossible to cover everything there is to know about neuro in just 6 weeks. 


Joining now allows you to dive into Assessing and Progressing the Hemiparetic UE. 


This is a high-touch, group program that accepts only 10 OT professionals into each cohort. 


Enrollment opens September 16th and closes September 23rd. If you wait until the last day possible, there’s a high chance spots will be gone. So if you’re leaning towards this, certainly — don’t wait. 

I genuinely wish I could mentor 100 or 1000 OTs and improve their neuro rehab game. But I know that I wouldn't have the bandwidth to provide with the best experience and support, which is why I’m limiting the group size. 


I would be honored to have you join now and start your journey to a confident, impactful neuro OT this month.

A final note from Jessica...

If you’re still reading this, I know you’re a passionate, caring OT who’s dedicated to improving the lives of people who have been affected by neurological disorders or injuries… and you’re looking for something more. 


I know you’ve invested a lot in yourself and your career — and you’re going to change people’s lives. 


So whether you choose to join me or not, I want you to know that you are enough. You deserve to feel fulfilled and competent in your career. You deserve to clock out of work, knowing you did your best, and then take time to recharge through leisure activities and time with family and friends. 


I’ll always be here cheering you on in your OT and neuro rehab journey. 





Here's a Recap of Everything that's Included:

  • A 1:1 Mentorship Call to address your patient needs in your setting ($85 value) 


  • 6 Weekly 75-90 minute Group Coaching Calls including live education and the STAR Mentorship Method ($510 value) 


  • The Group Think Tank for collaboration and peer support between calls ($200 value)

Program Cost: $329 for 6 weeks of support,  8 hours of live instruction, a great OT cohort, and a bonus 1:1 mentoring session


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