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Education OTPs are searching for...

 + support you deserve.

       Helping you find your path, gain confidence with your neuro patients, and balance
true self care.

Do you spend hours a week... sometimes a night searching on YouTube and IG for intervention ideas for your neuro caseload? 


And then still feel anxious heading into work, not sure if you're offering your patients treatment that will actually help them recover?

If so...

You are not alone.

And it is not your fault. 

I hear this from clinicians all the time. Our OT education teaches us to be entry-level practitioners. It doesn't teach us how to skillfully plan and modify treatment sessions for our folks who've had a Stroke, brain injury, M.S, Parkinson's...


"Read the Research" they say!

So, you do what any good clinician would do and dig into the evidence looking for interventions. Evidence is super important, AND....


"Combing through research makes me feel even more doubtful about what treatments to use?!" 

Yep. Because there's often a  G A P between even the best research... and how to literally plan your treatment session with the very real patient in front of you.


That's why...

Every therapist deserves support.

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...having a community of clinicians to help you grow as a neuro OT practitioner. A place to nurture your skills and confidence - with practical education, clinician collaborations, a resource library, and more.

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"I cannot say thank you enough for everything you have taught me these past few months. I have learned so much about Neuro rehab, as well as other life lessons. 
I really appreciate your educational approach and how you took the time to rephrase or readjust explanations to fit my learning needs."

 Brooke Spencer - Once a fieldwork student, now a mentee

Contact Info


+1 317.296.4830

12125 E. 65th St. Unit 36313 Indianapolis, IN 46236 USA

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