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Help your patients with Shoulder Subluxation...

Have you treated a patient with shoulder subluxation? If you haven't yet, you likely will soon - up to 81% of Stroke survivors experience subluxation post-Stroke!

This course was designed to teach you how to help your folks experiencing Shoulder Subluxation & it includes: 

  • Evidence-based strategies applied to real patients (with videos to see it in action!)

  • Steps to assess subluxation & how to educate your patients in a way that makes sense

  • Learn how to set up an NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation program) in your practice

  • Pros & cons of different adaptive tools & slings to support proper alignment


All in a 60-minute recording of the live Shoulder Subluxation lesson!

Managing Shoulder Subluxation

Managing Shoulder Subluxation

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“Enjoyed the examples shown on real clients to visualize everything. This is particularly helpful for students and new grads that haven’t seen much of it in fieldwork.” ~Val

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