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Mentoring Support You Deserve

As OTs, we know everyone learns differently. That's why New to Neuro offer education in lots of different ways: 1:1 mentoring, online programs, 1-2 day courses, and more. 

1:1 Mentoring

30 Minute 1:1 Mentoring

Includes 30 minute virtual session and a follow up with any resources shared.



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60 Minute 1:1 Mentoring

Includes 1 hour virtual or local session and a follow up with any resources shared.



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OT Career-Starter Package
Includes 3 - 1 hour sessions designed to help new OTs navigate the start of their career. 
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Mentoring can be a one time session, a regularly scheduled weekly or monthly meeting, or whenever the need arises!

All sessions are offered virtually and include a follow up message with any resources we talk about. 60 minute and OT Career-Starter Package are also available locally in the Indianapolis area.

#FindYourPath with the OT Career-Starter Package

Graduation and passing your boards is SUCH an exciting time - (CONGRATS!!!)...and loved ones might not realize how daunting the next steps in your OT journey are and how overwhelming their advice can be. I love helping OTs find their own voice when they're starting their career.

That's why we have the OT Career-Starter Package to help with all the pieces after passing the boards:

  • building your resume to showcase your real OT experiences,

  • steps to obtaining your state license, 

  • figuring out what OT jobs fit you well (and those that don't),

  • hunting and applying for jobs,

  • preparing for interviews (often includes a mock interview if helpful),

  • negotiating your first OT position - remember you're also interviewing them, and...


I believe you have the answers as to what path is good for you, sometimes we just need an unbiased and empathetic person to help us hear ourselves clearly. Good mentoring can help untangle the thoughts and the steps to get there.

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Career Starter MORE INFO
30 and 60 minute mentoring
Career-Stater Package

“Jessica has been very helpful in talking through multiple patient scenarios with me.
She helped me better understand ways to incorporate ocular and cognitive tasks...
and helped following a concussion to help me provide better care.

— Beth Gezon

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